A Few Of The FAQS

Do You Have To Sign A Contract Agreement?

No, but you will be sent an invoice. You will have to pay the invoice before any project begins, and that will be the contract agreement with detailed information on the project(s). If requesting any changes after the first invoice, a change order will be made and you will be charged accordingly.

What kind of payment options are there?

All major credit cards are accepted. You will pay by an invoice sent to you via email. Click the link and pay with a credit card of your choice.

When will you get your samples?

Design samples are usually ready five business days after receiving your order, the payment, and all of the necessary information and material. Sometimes it's sooner, depending on what type of project you ordered.

Re-doing An existing website?

Yes, you may request to revamp your existing website and convert it to any brand image or latest trend you need to keep up to par with your competitors.

How long does a branding site conversion take?

The time it takes to convert branding your site/new site/existing site - varies. It depends on the complexity of your site, programming involved, and amount of material. Simple site conversion usually takes five business days after receiving your payment, the design approval, and all material needed for conversion.

Who Has Rights over the designs?

The client is responsible for protecting and registering the rights of the designs. However, designs and web designs created are closely watched, so no one is using our samples or false advertising without a written permission from KicRocs Productions. No one can use KicRocs Productions design samples under any name except the client theirself, who has all the rights to gain for the design.

Logo design for products, titles, or names?

Yes, any type of graphic identity can be created for you.

Re-do your existing logo design?

Yes. Please provide the latest version of your logo design, and mention it in your logo request.

When do the projects get started?

Your projects are started as soon as your submission request and payment are received.

What About Refunds?

There Are No Refunds. Due To The Fact The Graphic Production Artists Put In Hours To Supply You With With Concepts, Ideas, Intellectual Property, Plus The Overall Project(s) You Request The Designers To Produce For You Pays For The Production Time, Per Type Of Project. All That In Which Must Be Paid For.

Are Split Payments Allowed?

No, Split Payments Are Not Allowed. All Payments Must Be Paid In Full And Upfront Before Beginning Any/And/Or All of Your Projects. No Exceptions.


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